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If you choose United Safety & Claims as your TPA, we will request a set up meeting as soon as possible. Working together, our management team and your key staff will identify your needs and the approach needed to service your account. At this foundation meeting, we will explain in detail the mechanics of our system.

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Loss Control

The main objective of our Loss Control Department is to promote safety in our clients' workplaces. To achieve this, we help clients identify and eliminate unsafe conditions. If required, we can also help train employees in safe work practices that minimize personal injuries and property damage.

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United Safety & Claims established a legal department with the goal of offering our clients an opportunity to experience superior, as well as efficient and economic legal services from an in-house attorney.

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Communication is the Key!

Interaction between employers, employees and providers will optimize results for US&C's clients. By coordinating the activity of all parties, we minimize "misunderstandings" that can increase claims costs. Maintaining contact with all concerned parties enables us to prevent problems that can lead to a sense of distrust by employees which, in turn, may cause them to engage legal counsel.

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